Introduction to!

This message board has been set up by Cliché, that’s me :)
It is made for us, the last NOLF’ers and is not a clan site.
The game is small now, clans have closed down and we are only
a few players left. It is however my feeling that we still can use
a forum to keep contact, discuss and arrange games and such.
Soo, if you play NOLF 1 multi on occasion, or used to
then you are welcome to register in here, please do so,
and do it under your most famous in game nick!
Chances are then, that I know you, or have heard of you
and in that case you will be activated asap.

Cya in game

If you do not get activated and wonder why,
or have any questions regarding this board
you can mail me on my Gmail mcloaded.nolf