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How I first discovered NOLF 
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 How I first discovered NOLF
This is how I found the game:

I work in IT, network, server maintenance and such. We where a couple of colleges who often was on the late shift and
more often than not thing’s where running just fine, so as a pass time we would set up small Lan games
Unreal, Ages of Empires, stuff like that.
This was back in 2002 I think, one dude came with this odd spy game,
we quickly got pretty fond of it and played it for months, in fact it was so much fun we often stayed later than we needed to.
I think almost a year passed before I figured to try the single player part out :oops:

It eventually faded at work though, so finally I started to play online instead (my first online game) and continued to have a laugh.

Besides a few years in WOW, I stuck with NOLF, I wasn’t there for the grand opening and
I sure would have loved to, there are a lot of great players I only heard off but never actually played with
because they already had left the game when I started.
But thats that, I still got to meet a lot great players and had a ton of great games.

We still have that on occasion imo so that’s probably why I’m still here.
For me this game has been a multi player from the very start and I think that is what I love about it.
Fact is I find it hard to let it go. :1love:



23 Mar 2011 13:51
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Post Re: How I first discovered NOLF
I discovered NOLF when I got a demo version of it 10 years ago with some gaming zine. Oh, how I loved it! But, I started playing it online only 3-4 years ago... Aah, those were good times. I miss it a lot.

I'm still playing nolf cuz the ppl who's still playing are nice and fun. Too bad so many players have left recently... I'm not as active as before either. I'm so happy I started playing nolf, it has given me lots of nice internet buddies and I'm actually meeting a nolf player (who I haven't met before) irl in a few weeks! I have so many good memories connected to nolf, I will never give up this game!

23 Mar 2011 18:53
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Post Re: How I first discovered NOLF
I've been playing FPS games since 1992. It all started with Doom. I loved Doom! I then played a lot of FPS games until I eventually found NOLF, back in 2000, maybe 2001, don't remember exactly how I discovered it. But all these games, I only played offline. I lived in Brazil, had dial-up internet, never bothered to try playing online any game.

I played NOLF single player in the most difficult setting, never using cheat codes. It was an amazing time. After NOLF, I was in dire need of some other great game and someone suggested me Mohaa (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault). I tried it and loved it too. Loved it so much that I wrote a bunch of walkthroughs for it; one of my walkthroughs was translated to Russian and a couple of other languages. My website, that hosted the walkthroughs, managed to get more than one million page views during the year of 2002.

So, my three most unforgettable FPS games were Doom (the first), NOLF and Mohaa (the last). After Mohaa I stopped. Never played any newer FPS game, offline or online. The exception was NOLF that, in 2006, with my move to the US, I tried to play online, due to my new super-duper internet, and never stopped. But I am an "on & off" player, meaning that I play for a period, then I stop, then I start again, so on. Truth is I've been always trying to quit NOLF and I do want to quit it but so far I have not been able to let it go for good. I think this is called addiction... :-)

28 Mar 2011 11:01

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Post Re: How I first discovered NOLF
I first found nolf when a was a young kid :P My mum and dad both played this game when it was first release, Their names were SlipSlider/Slippy and Pikey. I first started off with the single player and then moved on to the multiplayer where i join JAG which was very fun. However I had a house fire and everythign was gone - home, internet, nolf :'( My parent split after that and we never got the internet up until 2009 which is when i made my return to nolf :D I met lots of great people since ive come back, including Lobi and Devil ;), but now i dont play really i moved onto another game with the 2 people mentioned :D I'll still play now and again but no where near as much as i used to :(

Kill ya soon

07 Apr 2011 07:30
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