64bits windows?
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Author:  Cliche [ 08 Feb 2014 02:55 ]
Post subject:  64bits windows?

My motherboard just vent bust so I had to upgrade
I got a nice new motherboard with 16GB ram installed on it
That meant bye bye win 32bit and hello windows 64bit soo what about NOLF!!?
I found this Link: ... s-forever/
with a upgraded 64bits installer which means I can still use my old CD’s

Should your CD’s be pre the goty version there is a nolf update 3 and 3-4 installer there also
However I could not download the 3-4 update,
I’m not sure why but once my nolf disks was installed, my old updates ran fine
so apparently I didn’t need a new installer for the updates after all :mrgreen:

Anywayz now I got NOLF up again and I just wanted to share
Having nolf installed makes me feel safe.. not that I play but still :lol:


Author:  Vee [ 28 Mar 2014 00:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: 64bits windows?

Hey Cliché, you are still running this site!? You are stubborn! Last one standing... :D

I have also upgraded my old computer, built in 2004. This new one was built in 2011, I think... i7 2600k, 16GB RAM, SSD, 30" monitor, the usual, hahaha.

I installed NOLF recently in it with no problems, runs NOLF also with no problem, but of course, even if I do have the legal CDs of NOLF (GOTY Edition and regular), I use the images that I created from my own CDs with a no-cd crack to start it. Everything is running fine and I sometimes am playing again, for sake of the old times, but it is not common now to find people in the servers.

Maybe I will run my own servers again, one for Hydro only, one with the old settings, but this is still "under evaluation". ;)

Well, nice seeing you around, Cliché.

Vee aka rookie aka many other nicks.

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